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Sometimes, lessons in the classroom come to life. Other times, life is the lesson.

Students in Windsor Central High School’s Animal Science class are taking part in what they are calling the Ultimate Chicken Challenge.
The students are studying chicken breeds, care, food needs, and reproductive cycles.
The result? Three baby chicks hatched over Spring Recess in the WCHS Agriculture lab.

“There was a lot of waiting and crossing of fingers,” said Agriculture teacher Alexis Davis.

“It was a lot of hope. I can’t believe we just sat there and watched,” said 9th grader Rylee Weed.  

Students needed to study what happens to a chick each day during its development inside the egg, as well as how much heat and water their environment needs before they hatch.

“If you have too much heat, it will burn them. You also can’t have too much water. You need just enough,” said Weed.

“Controlling the humidity, that’s something we got wrong,” said Mrs. Davis.

Mismanaging the humidity levels is one reason the class didn’t hatch as many chicks as it would have liked.

“We learned from the mistakes, and it was awesome that the students got the opportunity to do that,” said Mrs. Davis.

The students’ job isn’t done.

“They’ll be in charge of taking care of them, monitoring their health, and watching them grow,” said Mrs. Davis.

It’s another example of WCHS offering hands-on experience in a student’s field of interest.

“If a student can focus in early on their particular career path, they have the opportunity to take a variety of targeted courses throughout high school that will help them be best prepared for their future be it trade school, college, pre-professional or the work force.  It is our goal to have each and every student who leaves Windsor to be future-ready,” said WCHS counselor Christina Taylor.

Students will continue to have this particular experience. Mrs. Davis plans on hatching more chicks next school year.

“Hopefully, we keep getting better each time,” said Mrs. Davis.

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