The Big Ask

Schools like to tell their students to reach for the stars after graduation. Well, Angela Mozes is doing just that on behalf of Windsor Central High School’s soon-to-be graduates.

“I wanted to do something special for each senior. I’ve seen them grow from 9th grade to 12th grade. With COVID, if I could do one thing to make their senior year special, I would,” said Mozes.

The WCHS food service helper canvassed the members of the Class of 2021 to find out what their dream graduation gifts would be. Then, she started calling sports teams, celebrities, and tv producers to see if she could get those gifts for the students.

“What’s the worst I could hear, ‘No’?” said Mozes.

Along the way, Mozes discovered a Windsor connection to one of the most requested celebrities.
“Post Malone’s grandfather’s cousin went to Windsor. I shared what I was doing on Facebook and one of the people I graduated with said, ‘I’m related to Post Malone,’” said Mozes.

The singer has sent three autographed CDs and a letter of congratulations. Each member of the WCHS class of 2021 will receive a copy of that letter.

Mozes has secured a couple of other gifts as well. One student’s favorite couple from his favorite TV show, 90 Day Fiance, sent him a personalized video message. Binghamton business Uncorked Creations is sending an art basket to one graduate.

Mozes is still waiting to hear from others. She’s reached out to NFL teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers, the TV show Big Brother, and singers Lana Del Rey, Billy Joel, Billie Eilish, and others.

“I’ve called tons of bands I’ve never heard of,” said Mozes. “I’m hoping they can send something that says, ‘Hey, in a tough year, congratulations.’”

The experience hasn’t been all positive for Mozes.

“Now, all the 11th graders are mad at me. They want me to do it again next year,” said Mozes.

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