Council Conference

Members of the Windsor Central High School Student Council have returned to campus with new ideas to bring positive energy to their school and their lives after spending three days at the New York State Council on Leadership and Student Activities (NYSCLSA) conference in Niagara Falls.

“I Definitely learned a lot about different ways to go about being energized and putting myself in the right place to succeed, ways I can manifest a good future,” said WCHS senior Alex Balachick.
Student Council members attended workshops and round tables to work with student leaders from other schools. They focused on leadership, impacting their school, and sharing ideas. Each day students reflected on what they took from the day and what they want to bring back to Windsor.

“We learned ways to motivate yourself. At the roundtables, there were different ideas to bring people together at the beginning of the year, like pep rallies on the first day of school,” said WCHS senior Matteo Soriano.

Students heard from motivational speaker Juan Bendana, veteran and resilience trainer Duncan Kirkwood, and veteran educator Dr. Phil Campbell.

“A lot of the motivational speakers obviously talked about motivation and energy. If you go for a job interview, interviewers look at body language, slouched versus straight up, smiling versus staring,” said WCHS senior Sydney Angelo. “Juan talked about society and relationships we create with people around us. The people we surround ourselves with are either chargers or drainers, they charge us up or drain energy. Looking at my own relationships. I see I have some drainers and chargers and I’ll try to surround myself with more chargers.”

“Juan told us to find something that’s ahead of us as motivation to work to get to where we want to go,” said Soriano.

Underclassmen will be able to use strategies to bring positive energy to school in the next year at Windsor. Seniors were able to take away lessons to finish their remaining time in Windsor strong.

“I’m going to try to keep myself motivated for this last part of the year when you can get off track and think about different things,” said Balachick.

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