Attendance Policy

The Windsor Central School District Board of Education sets the following information forth. It is inclusive of the Board of Education policies #7200-7270.

The objectives of a comprehensive attendance policy are: to accurately track the attendance, absence, tardiness and early departure of students to and from the school; to ensure sufficient pupil attendance of classes so that pupils may achieve State mandated educations standards; to track student location for safety reasons, and to account to parents regarding the location of children during school hours.

Pupils who are legal residents of the School District and who have reached their fifth birthday on or before December first shall be permitted to register for kindergarten. Admission of children to other grades shall involve a consideration of both chronological age and the readiness of the children to do the work of those grades. Pupils are required to be in attendance, and are considered to be compulsory age, through the school year in which they turn sixteen.

Registration of elementary students occurs through the main offices of each elementary school. Middle and High School students are registered at the specific school through the guidance offices. The registration process includes the completion of the registration questionnaire, proof of age with birth certificate, and proof of district residency. The Superintendent, with the assistance of the Board of Education’s counsel, shall apply the various legal standard regarding residency in relation to any application. A school officer and principal will review all registration applications.

At the secondary level, a student must be in attendance at least 85% of the time, that means no more than twenty-eight (28) absences for a full-year course and fourteen (14) absences for a half-year course. The teacher’s grade book is the official record. When a student exceeds the limit on absences, he/she will receive an incomplete/denial of credit and will not be allowed to take the final examination. Students who lose course credit for lack of attendance may not attend summer school.
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