Middle School 4-H Students Visit Cornell

Windsor Middle School 4-H Tech Wizard students visited Cornell University, going deep into the ground to see one of the most advanced machines in all of physics, and reaching deep into the side of a cow to learn about the animal’s digestion.

The students began by applying engineering concepts as well as a basic understanding of electricity to build battery-operated three-wheeled vehicles.

After that students visited one of only 10 particle accelerators in the nation 40 feet below the campus of Cornell. These machines propel charged particles to almost light speed.

Then it was time to explore animal science. Students visited the dairy bar where students enjoyed ice cream before seeing a fistulated cow. Caregivers removed a plug from the cow’s stomach and students were able to reach into the cow’s stomach to feel and see the contents that the cow was digesting.

“Today was good. The animals were our favorite part. I loved seeing the sheep and petting them. The cow was cool too,” said Alannah Fernald and Jaydaka Lehr.

“I enjoyed the cow the most. It was really cool to be able to look inside and feel inside of it,” said Gavin Tambeau.

After a discussion on the research that several of their animals are a part of, the students got to end the trip by petting a baby lamb, presumably keeping their hands on the outside of that animal.

Particle acceleratorStudents petting a baby lamb

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