Teams, Athletes Recognized at Annual Varsity Awards

The annual Varsity Club Awards Night recognized teams and athletes from the 2016-17 school year. Each team was announced and several athletes earned awards for work on the field and in the classroom. This marked the first year both the girls and boys varsity teams were honored together.

You can view a gallery of pictures from the ceremony here. Below is a list of athletic awards and winners.

Golf Coaches Award - Winner: Timothy Buchek

This award is given to the golfer with the lowest regular season stroke average, counting all matches played. It is given in honor of the three men who founded the Golf Program at Windsor Central School, Mr. Jack Collins, Mr. Sy Stiles and Mr. Don Kniskern.

Rob Barton Memorial Award - Winner: Trevor Kimble
This award is given to a senior girl or boy bowler who consistently displays a positive attitude and exhibits respect and sportsmanship to their teammates and opponents.

John W. Benson Memorial Scholarship Award - Winners: Hailie Balachick & Trevor Kimble
Awarded to a senior boy and girl, student/athlete that is college bound who exhibited hard work, perseverance, leadership and has financial need.

Doug Bowman Wrestling Award - Winner: Braxton Acquisto-Ray

Recipient will be a senior wrestler who is extremely fond of wrestling and demonstrates integrity.

Bush Memorial Wrestling Award - Winner: Dillon Morgan
Senior, enrolled in post-secondary education, was an outstanding wrestler with a good attitude.

Bill Mott Award - Winner: Kassi Hastings
Given to a senior Volleyball player with a high GPA that shows leadership on and off the court, with a love of the game.

Bevier Batting Average Award - Winner: Timothy Buchek
Awarded to the player with the season’s highest batting average.

Jon Slodki Memorial Tennis Award - Winner: Ty Crea
Awarded to a senior boy who has lettered in tennis and is enrolled in post-secondary education

Acquisto Award - Winner: Ann Bowling
Junior or senior Field Hockey player who plays with heart, respected by teammates, enjoys the opportunity to play, an athlete who is unpredictable in her talent and enthusiasm.

Marilyn Rock Award - Winner: Brittani Kay
Given to a girl Varsity Basketball player who works hard, shows commitment to the game and shows the most improvement in a season.

William ‘Bill’ Kittle Senior Softball Award - Winner: Amber Cina
Given to a senior softball player who exhibits the characteristics that Mr. Kittle displayed as an umpire. Consistency, respectfulness, competitiveness and leadership.

Gary Buckland Memorial Award - Winner: Tyler Mucci
Recipient will be a boy or girl who participated in Track as a middle distance runner or in Cross Country for at least three years and is enrolled in post-secondary education.

O’Donnell Field Award - Winner: Dante Kimbrough
Given to a boy or girl field athlete that shows dedication to the sport of track and field. The athlete also shows the competitive spirit and hard work ethic of Gerry O’Donnell who coached at Windsor for over 40 years.

O’Donnell Track Award - Winner: Tyler Hozempa

Given to a boy or girl track athlete that shows dedication to the sport of track and field. The athlete also shows the competitive spirit and hard work ethic of Gerry O’Donnell who coached at Windsor for over 40 years.

Osterhout Distance Runner Award - Winner: Kaylee Stone
Awarded to an outstanding distance runner in Cross Country and/or Track.

Michael O’Connell Memorial Award - Winner: Julie Nemcek
Given to a senior tennis player who showed dedication to the sport of tennis and reflects the caring spirit of Mike O’Connell, long time tennis coach at Windsor High School.

Merritt Klumpp Award - Winners: Julie Nemcek & Tyler Mucci
Awarded to senior boy and girl that shows academic and athletic excellence. They must have participated as a varsity athlete and maintain a high GPA.

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete - Winners: Shannon Baker & Lane Colpitts
To be considered for this award the recipient will display courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership as a high school athlete.

Andrew Wilson Donahue Scholarship - Winners: Amber Cina & Jesse Bennett
Given by the Donahue family to a talented athlete in the Greater Binghamton area whose character and attitude honor Andrew's memory.

Athlete of the Year Award - Kaylee Stone & Cory Hagerman
Awarded to a boy and girl ( Formally known as Martha Mattison Award) for demonstration of excellence in athletics, maintained a high GPA and has earned the most varsity awards and all-star selections.

Varsity Club Senior Scholarship Award - Ann Bowling & Jordan Haven

To be considered for this award, the athlete must have been involved in athletics for four years, is respected by his/her peers, enrolled in a post-secondary education and is a positive influence on Windsor Athletics.

Qualified athletes also received the following honors:

Varsity Letter Winners

First varsity season the athlete will receive a chenille letter (one per career) and a certificated of participation in each varsity sport throughout their career.

Lions Club Scholastic Awards

Athletes with a 90 or above GPA for a year in which they participate. Donated from the Lions Club.

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