Red, White and Blue on Display at Bell

Red, white and blue are common on Flag Day but a celebration at Bell Elementary featured some camouflage as well.

2nd graders led an assembly in which they recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the Star-Spangled Banner, Grand Old Flag and God Bless the USA. One of those 2nd graders, Stella MacBlane, is the daughter of an Army veteran. She brought his uniform to school.

“I like wearing my dad’s uniform,” said MacBlane. She enjoyed the assembly but knew it held a deeper meaning. “(Flag Day) means celebrating people who died when they were in the Army,” said MacBlane.

Other students also had fun while remembering the meaning of the day.

“I just like singing in front of people and this was fun,” said 2nd grader Claire Griffin. “But Flag Day means celebrating men who died who gave me freedom.”

Some students waived miniature American flags during the assembly while others wore their hand made flag-inspired hats. The students were also joined by a number of parents helped lend their singing voices to the crowd as well.

Children with their hands over their heartStella MacBlane Wearing her father's army uniform

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