A Brush with Success

Looking to shave some time off of your morning routine? How about before you go to bed? Windsor sixth grader Brendon Dixon might have your solution.

He created a toothpaste dispensing toothbrush. His practical idea and impressive design won him the Windsor Central Middle School Science Fair, a Gold Medal, Naval Science and Outstanding Creativity Awards at the Southern Tier Science Fair, and a trip to the CNY Science and Engineering Fair in Syracuse.
Brendon Dixon holds his toothbrush invention in front of his poster board 

“Brushing your teeth can be messy and time consuming. I thought, ‘How can I fix this problem?’” said Dixon. “Most of the judges said, ‘I would buy that if it existed.’ That inspired me a bit.”

Dixon’s invention is a modified dial-a-dose adjustable medical syringe with a toothbrush head on top. But making it wasn’t as simple as cutting and pasting two pieces together. 

“I took one of these (devices) and murdered it. I sliced it down the middle to see how it worked. I had to thin pieces and drill other pieces,” said Dixon.

That drilling included engineering the space on the toothbrush head to allow for the toothpaste to settle. He went through four heads before perfecting the design.

So, was he pleased with his invention’s success?

“I was surprised it was working at all,” said Dixon.
diagram of the toothbrush design 

His awards at the Southern Tier Science Fair came with a $100 prize. Dixon is saving up for a computer and will give some to charity.

“The medal isn’t what matters, and not even the money. Getting there (to the Science Fair) is what matters,” said Dixon.

Dixon says he plans to keep building and creating.

“I’m going to help my dad with my treehouse and think of another invention for next year,” said Dixon.  

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