Middle School Awards Announced

Windsor Central Middle School announced its award winners for the 2017-18 school year at it's annual Academic Awards Ceremony on June.
"Carving out time to congratulate students on their achievements is an important part of our Middle School program. We celebrated academic achievement, attendance and character," said principal Kevin Strahley. 
8th grader Ava Sacco won the Black Knight Award. Sacco created the non-profit donation center Knights Closet in the Middle School, and volunteered hundreds of hours to help her ill dance teacher at her dance studio,
"To me, the award is a huge deal because it's a huge legacy," said Sacco. "I'm grateful for the opportunities that the teachers and school have given me to make this possible."  
Below are award winners, by grade. 
Grade 6 
Hunter Adornato, BCMEA 
Sydney Angelo, Outstanding Effort in Science & Outstanding Achievement 
Kiersten Brundege, Perfect Attendance 
Garrison Calta, Perfect Attendance 
Alyssa Chase, Perfect Attendance 
Sophia Chen, Outstanding Achievement in Health, Perfect Attendance 
Tyler Cicio, Perfect Attendance 
Sidney Crisanti, Outstanding Achievement in Band & Library, NYSSMA, BCMEA 
Grace Deyo, Outstanding Achievement in Math, Perfect Attendance 
Drew Diesel, Perfect Attendance 
Aubrey Dixon, Citizen of the Year, 1st place in Scripps National Spelling Bee 
Thomas Donohue, Outstanding Effort in ELA, BCMEA 
Kenadie Dunlap, Outstanding Achievement in Math 
Grace Emmick, 2nd Place in Scripps National Spelling Bee 
Levi Emmons, Outstanding Effort in FACS 
Aaliyah Fabrizi, Perfect Attendance 
Farah Fenescey, Outstanding Effort in PLTW Automation Robotics 
Alanna Fernald, Perfect Attendance 
Anna Finn, Outstanding Effort in PE 
Taylen Flynn, Outstanding Achievement in Art, Perfect Attendance 
Alanah Gibson, Outstanding Effort in Chorus 
Kyla Good, BCMEA 
Shelby Goodwin, Outstanding Effort in Art 
Allison Greene, Outstanding Effort in ELA 
Ava Grubham, Outstanding Achievement in ELA & PE, Perfect Attendance 
Kira Harting, Perfect Attendance 
Kayley Hayes, Outstanding Effort in Health 
Isabella Indelicato, Outstanding Achievement in ELA & Intro to Trades 
Mason Keefer, Outstanding Achievement in Science 
Tanner Krom, Outstanding Effort in Library 
Morgan Marks, Outstanding Effort in Math, Perfect Attendance 
Katelynn Orcutt, Citizen of the Year 
Adam Peret, NYSSMA 
Francis Peret, Outstanding Effort in Band, NYSSMA, BCMEA 
Samantha Reed, Perfect Attendance 
Kendall Rough, Perfect Attendance 
Hailey Ryan, Perfect Attendance, BCMEA 
Noah Sandhu, Outstanding Effort in PE 
Christina Sanguedolce, Outstanding Effort in Social Studies 
Katelyn Shay, Outstanding Effort in Math 
Dominic Sodon, Perfect Attendance 
Garrett Studer, Outstanding Achievment in PE 
Gavin Tambeau, Outstanding Achievment in Social Studies 
Kyler Vanderpool, Outstanding Achievement in PLTW Automation Robotics, Perfect Attendance, BCMEA 
Christian Varelakis, Outstanding Achievement in Chorus, BCMEA 
Sayge Wells, BCMEA 
Dakota Woodward, Outstanding Achievement in FACS 
Tony Zheng, Perfect Attendance 
Grade 7
Austin Agati, Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies, Outstanding Achievement in PE, Perfect Attendance 
Emma Anderson, Outstanding Achievement in Science 
Gavin Angelo, Perfect Attendance 
Alaxander Balachick, Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies 
Rhiannon Baranyk, Perfect Attendance 
Jillian Barnes, Outstanding Achievement in PLTW DM 
Victoria Baxter, Perfect Attendance 
Elizabeth Beagell, Outstanding Achievement in French 
Lucy Beattie, Outstanding Achievement in Chorus, Citizen of the Year, NYSSMA, BCMEA 
Rory Bunnell, Outstanding Effort in Chorus, Outstanding Achievement in Math, Perfect Attendance 
Abigale Burger, Outstanding Effort in Social Studies 
Lindsey Chase, Perfect Attendance 
Zachary Cicio, Outstanding Effort in Science 
Kierra Cower, Outstanding Achievement in ELA 
Dylan Decker, Perfect Attendance 
Anna DeJohn, Outstanding Achievement in Band, Outstanding Achievement in Spanish, Perfect Attendance 
Alexis Fahey, Perfect Attendance 
Areille Fitch, Outstanding Effort in French 
Hayden Greene, Outstanding Achievement in Science 
Ella Grubham, Outstanding Effort in PE, Perfect Attendance 
Colin Harting, Perfect Attendance 
Autumn Helstein, Outstanding Effort in Science 
Laurynsky Jaffard, Outstanding Effort in Math, Perfect Attendance 
Yuliya Khrushch, Outstanding Effort in Math 
Gabrael Lang, Outstanding Effort in Social Studies 
Jameson MacNamee, Outstanding Achievement in ELA, NYSSMA 
Malaki Marks, Outstanding Effort in PE 
Chelsea Norris, Outstanding Achievement in FACS 
Emma Palmer, Outstanding Effort in PLTW DM & Outstanding Achievement in PE 
Giovanni Piccirilli, Perfect Attendance 
Samantha Quinn, Outstanding Effort in ELA 
Hannah Riley, Outstanding Effort in FACS 
Jacob Rollo, Outstanding Achievement in Math, Perfect Attendance 
Kalid Rought, Outstanding Achievement in Art 
Hannah Saxby, Outstanding Effort in Band, Citizen of the Year, Perfect Attendance 
Braksten Smith, Perfect Attendance 
Keira Smith, Outstanding Effort in Spanish 
Skylar Thomas, Outstanding Effort in ELA 
Hannah Tracy, Perfect Attendance 
Mei Zheng, Outstanding Effort in Art, Perfect Attendance 
Grade 8 
Ciera Adams, Outstanding Effort in Math & Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies & Citizen of the Year 
Brian Afify, Perfect Attendance 
Rosemary Airwyke, NYSSMA 
Christian Arsenault, Perfect Attendance, NYS Comptroller Award 
Grace Beattie, Black Knight Award Finalist 
Brooke Benedict, Citizen of the Year 
Caden Beriman, Outstanding Effort in Health 
Jonathon Bowie, Outstanding Effort in French 
Kessiah Bronson, Outstanding Effort in Social Studies & Outstanding Effort in Spanish 
Marissa Carpenter, Outstanding Effort in PE 
Mya Casey, Perfect Attendance 
Alejandro Chavarria, Outstanding Effort in Integrated Algebra, Outstanding Achievement in French, Black Knight Award Finalist 
Denise Coby, NYSSMA 
Logan Colwell, Outstanding Effort in Science 
Joseph Crowley, Perfect Attendance 
Ashton Davies, Outstanding Effort in Chorus 
Kayla Dean, Outstanding Achievement in Band, NYSSMA 
Bernadine Decker, Outstanding Effort in ELA 
Parker Drankoski, Outstanding Effort in PE 
Hailey Drazen, Outstanding Achievement in Science 
Hudson Farr, Outstanding Effort in Living Environment 
Zachary Hagerman, Outstanding Achievement in Math, Outstanding Achievement in PE, Perfect Attendance, Triple "C" Award 
Alexis Hill, Outstanding Achievement in Math & Outstanding Achievement in PE 
Colin Hughes, Outstanding Effort in ELA 
Amara Keefer, Perfect Attendance, NYSSMA 
Allyson Kennedy, Outstanding Achievement in ELA 
Casie Kephart, Outstanding Achievement in Science 
Dillon Kundrata, Outstanding Effort in Integrated Algebra, Perfect Attendance 
Scout Lewis, NYSSMA 
Tanis MacNamee, Outstanding Achievement in Living Environment & Outstanding Achievement in Chorus, NYSSMA, Black Knight Award Finalist 
Kayla McKercher, Outstanding Effort in Band, NYSSMA 
Tristan Messenger, Outstanding Effort in Social Studies 
Gabriel Monroe, Outstanding Achievement in Living Environment 
Dylan Northrup, Perfect Attendance 
Anna Peret, Outstanding Achievement in Integrated Algebra, Outstanding Achievement in Ag in the Classroom, Perfect Attendance, BCMEA 
Ella Peterson, Outstanding Achievement in Health 
Joy Putney, NYSSMA 
Morgan Raymond, Outstanding Achievement in ELA, NYS Comptroller Award 
Brennen Riley, Perfect Attendance 
Dante Rooke, Outstanding Effort in Living Environment 
Ava Sacco, Outstanding Achievement in Integrated Algebra & Outstanding Achievement in Spanish, Black Knight Award Winner 
Micah Sandhu, Outstanding Effort in Science 
Connor Saxby, Perfect Attendance 
Vladamire Sheehan, Triple "C" Award 
Bryden Shelp, Outstanding Effort in Math, Perfect Attendance 
Nina Spano, Perfect Attendance 
Nicholas Swartz, Outstanding Effort in Ag in the Classroom 
Grace Swezey, Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies 
Caelan Whitney, Perfect Attendance

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