Summer Camp Rundown - July 10

Below is a rundown of Windsor CSD summer programs for July 10:

Basketball camp continued with a day of shooting drills, including the introduction of the “Eurostep” to campers. That is a move a player uses by stepping in one direction, only to abruptly step with the other foot in the opposite direction before shooting.  Basketball coach Duncan Paddick has been pleased with how the students are picking up different aspects of the game.

“It’s been pretty good. You find a lot of the kids who are here are basketball kids in Windsor. They’re here because they want to get better,” said Paddick.

The campers will focus on defensive drills on Wednesday and then a recap of all skills on Thursday. The camp is split into an indoor group consisting of students from grades 3-5. The outdoor group is make up of grades 5-7. 
A young girl holding up a basketball 

Students in the Literacy and Sports Science camp focused on metabolic conditioning and how the different energy systems of the body translate to different sports. They studied the immediate, intermediate and long-distance systems the body uses for athletic performance.
They then put that knowledge to use with a visit to the Windsor Central High School weight room. Students experimented with different exercises. 
“They’re using this info to tailor a specific workout to improve a skill in their sport. For example, jumping higher, etc.,” said teacher Kyle Verspoor.
Each student will leave the camp with a list of exercises they can perform both at home and in the gym as part of their individual wellness plan. 
An adult man stands looking over the shoulder of a boy on a tablet computer 
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